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Brooklynn Kenyherz, LMT CPT 

As a runner, cyclist, snowboarder, and just a general recreational athlete,  I became familiar with  the benefits of Massage Therapy first hand. I became a personal trainer in 2018 and realized that many of my clients needed more hands on therapies to prevent injuries and speed recovery. So, in 2021, I dedicated myself to pursuing a license as a massage therapist. I attended Bodhi Tree Center for Healing Arts in Carson City, NV,  graduating in January of 2023. Though I initially entered into bodywork for the performance aspect, during my schooling, I became aware of the emotional benefits of massage as well. Touch is one of our basic human needs and in our society, many people are not receiving enough of this in their lives.  I love that Massage Therapy is so multifaceted in its ability to reach individuals and improve their quality of life. I have great intuition and a hunger for knowledge. I am confident in my skill set and want to help you meet your goals, whatever they might be.

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